The Reviews Are In!

21 Jun

PRAISE for Last Summer:

“I can’t say enough about Last Summer At Coney Island. This is a very special piece of work; one that captures the legend at its best and worst, as well as its characters, whose time, love and colossal personalities, make Coney Island more than just another amusement park.”

—Sal Nunziato,


“An intimate portrait of an iconic New York landmark in transition, Last Summer at Coney Island takes the vibrant elements of the history of Coney Island and sets them against the backdrop of a community searching for a rebirth.  The result is a truly authentic and moving piece of storytelling.”

—Ric Burns, director of New York: A Documentary Film and Coney Island

“JL Aronson’s look at the battle over New York’s playground lets both sides—Thor Equities reps and Astroland-lovers alike—speak, raising questions about commercial interests and social responsibility, the benefits and drawbacks of nostalgia and sentimentality, and the supposed inevitability of urban renewal.”

—New York Magazine

“Director JL Aronson’s ambitious documentary, Last Summer at Coney Island, exquisitely portrays the ongoing push over the past few years to revive the gritty seaside amusement district as the bumpy roller coaster ride its been.”

—Rich Calder, New York Post

“A timely analysis of the redevelopment of Coney Island that delineates fact from rumor in the future of this American landmark, while documenting the relationships and culture that have influenced it.”



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